The "Ridler Award" Package

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Just as the award is the most prestigious award in the indoor custom car show world, this package is nothing less than pure perfection!

This package includes:

-Alkaline Pre Soak 

-PH Neutral Foam Bath 

-Clay Bar 

-Full Wetsand to level clear coat to perfect flat 

-Full Paint Correction ( Cut , Polish, Jeweling )

-Concourse Wax bare hand applied or Choice of 4yr Ceramic Coating 

-Seats removed from vehicle ( bracketing steam cleaned )

-Carpet full steam clean ( cabin air filter replaced )

-Interior Panels Removed to steam insides

-Glass Polished, Cleaned and Sealed

-Door Jambs Steamed 

-All window, door seals conditioned

-Wheels Removed , polished and sealed inside/outside 

-Suspension/Undercarriage Steam Cleaned and Sealed 

-Engine Fully Steam Cleaned / Fluids Topped


**Price is base, in person quote with owner required before final price**