About Megashine

In 2014 Megashine was created by accident while working at a chemical blending facility. John wanted to create a product that not only saved time but space to carry in the saddle bags for motorcycles. A product that worked on every surface.For two years he and his late wife used it to maintain their motorcycles paint, chrome, and leather. By 2016 friends were asking for their owns bottles for their cars and bikes. At this time John was working at the Stockyards Hotel in Ft. Worth and blending small batches of Megashine........

Beyond clean and more than just shine!

Manetts Megashine is the accumulation of young car enthusiast’s dreams to provide high-end products and services. We wanted to change the way the market works, by providing amazing products at affordable value based prices. We also saw a lack of 1-stop shop, so our range of products and services provides all you need for your vehicle to shine on the roads

Best Quality Products

Experienced Team

Everything Under One Roof

We strive for the best detailing products around. Don’t believe us? See our reviews for yourself!

Shining cars from generations to generations. We don’t provide just service, we make relationships. Our clients is our top priority and that is the foundation value we are built on

Detailing Services

At Manett’s Megashine, our pricing is completely value based. So, you save more and get more

Paint Correction
  • Simple, affordable, and effective way to transform your vehicle
Ceramic Coating
  • The difference is guaranteed
  • Detailing is an art and we practice it every day

We believe in showcasing our skills, so you can see the difference and impact yourself

Recent Projects

Ecotech redefines your relationship with energy. Save money. Minimize your carbon footprint.

Thank you Greenway Mazda Houston

Thank you Greenway Mazda Houston for being store 2 of 44 bringing Manett’s into your detail bays to give your customers a whole new car…

From Niche To 100 GW Mainstream And Beyond World!

This #392 #scatpack came in for its maintenance wash for our 3year RÄ ceramic coating. Topped off with our #1 seller Gloss Sauce

This beautiful Benz received our exterior spa bath

This beautiful Benz received our exterior spa bath 💦💦 Make sure to schedule your appointments ahead of time